Donna Lawrence

Donna Lawrence is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. A curiosity about the world led her to study Geography, as an undergraduate at UCLA, then as a graduate student at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta. She has lived in six different states and one Canadian province. Much of her writing, both the fiction and the nonfiction, have been a continuing exploration of the world.

Nonfiction: she has published more than 300 articles and columns, writing for National Geographic Traveler, Miami Magazine, Ohio Magazine, the San Diego Union Tribune, the San Diego Daily Transcript, and other magazines and newspapers. She has also been a contributor online to web sites such as, San Diego,, and She wrote regularly for Environmental Compliance newsletters, published by Business & Legal Reports. Prior to that she was Arts Columnist for the San Diego Daily Transcript.

Her book, Leave Only Paw Prints, Dog Hikes in San Diego County, was published by Sunbelt Publications. It is currently in its 3rd printing.

Fiction: She has written a novel titled On The Way To Somewhere Else.

Her short story, “The Man in Room 12,” was presented in the CBC broadcast, Canadian short stories.

Her play “Orange Walls” was presented as a staged reading in Chicago.