On the Way to Somewhere Else

a novelOn the Way to Somewhere Else
by Donna Lawrence

This is the story of two damaged people. She is trying to figure out how to restart her life. He is trying to decide how to end his.

After her mother’s sudden death in a random shooting, Christine Fry flees from Los Angeles, looking for some peace and a connection with her mother’s past in Morgan, Oklahoma. Her mother’s lifelong friend Dorothy takes her in, welcoming her to stay as long as she likes.

Christine feels like a foreigner in this small town, with its potluck church suppers and screeching cicadas in the hot, sultry nights. It is a town which seems not to have changed for fifty years. Michael, a young veteran amputee, lives next door, and Christine becomes unwittingly caught up in his plans for suicide. Once she knows what he plans to do, she feels responsible for stopping him, but he angrily resists her attempts. Gradually, they are drawn to each other, and she finds that she cares for him, even while trying not to. He is obviously a bad risk, and she has her own life to put back together. Besides, Michael is determined to end his life. And caring about him may not be enough to stop him.